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The DBAN Features section will grow as articles are submitted by alumni. Articles should be "features" in the usual sense, with in-depth treatments of subjects related to the Bruin and its people. Initial categories are DB History, People & Careers, and Journalism. We'll create more categories that reflect the types of articles we receive and select for publication, and depending on the number of articles in each topic we may break the sections out into their own pages, as we originally did with DB History.

Writing for DBAN

Reviews, Links...

If you find an article about the DB or an alumnus elsewhere on the Web, you can post a summary or review in your DB Alumni blog. Add a link to send the reader to the original source, and please attribute the exogenous material correctly; it is our intent to respect the copyrights of others.

Submitting Features

Submit feature articles for consideration by the editor using the Contacts form. Specify that the contents of the message are for publication. (A more specific form will be available by Summer 2007.) Articles must be your own original work, never before published. Submit your article as plain text (no markup). Indicate section breaks with sub-heads in all capitals. The maximum length of an article is approximately 30,000 characters. We reserve the right to format text to conform with the style of the magazine. If you have accompanying materials, e.g., graphics, kindly so indicate.

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In Memoriam: Gilbert Harrison
Gilbert Harrison '37, 1936 editor in chief of the Daily Bruin and longtime publisher of The New Republic, died on Jan. 8, 2008 at the age of 92.

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