Terms, Conditions and Acceptable Use
If you submit material for publication, and/or if you post anything via the online forms, the following terms apply, and by your use of the system you agree to them without reservation.


We do not generally exercise prior restraint on content you post to your personal page. You are responsible for all content on your page, including responsibility for observation of copyright. The editors may choose to promote content from your private page to the main news page(s) that is deemed to be of interest to all readers. This is intended to be a family friendly site reflective of the best traditions of the Daily Bruin. We reserve the right to edit or delete spurious content; which right we do not exercise lightly.


  • Original Materials. Any content you post directly to the News or to your personal page for original publication becomes the property of Daily Bruin Alumni News. Included material must carry a suitable attribution and/or copyright notice. You will be identified as the source of every item you submit.
  • Republished Materials. Previously copyrighted material published by permission remains the property of the owner. Notice of such prior copyright must accompany your submission. You will be identified as the source of the materials you submit.
We cannot always determine that prior copyright exists (notice is appreciated; please include relevant documentation). We will strive to protect the rights of copyright holders.


Privacy is respected; anonymity is not. Authors are identifiable by their real name on all posts. Contact data are not displayed on the site (unless you do so yourself). Readers may contact a member or writer using the contact form linked to the member's profile; messages will be delivered by ordinary email or by private message within the site. (Members note: If you reply to such a message by email, of course, you will be revealing your address.)


Let a hundred flowers bloom. The publication is open to well expressed ideas from all viewpoints. We prefer persuasion to pugnacity, rhetoric to ridicule. We reserve the right to edit, delete or comment upon user-submitted material that appears intended to cause harm or promote harm to individuals or groups.
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