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News Update
Summer DB Alumni Gathering Set
Roz Salzman writes, "Hello out there! In the spirit of the 4th of July, we are symbolically riding through Southern California announcing 'the DB party is coming...the DB party is coming:', and you can't take our guns away from us. Or was it by-lines. Quick, someone change Wikipedia. I'm sure the Daily Bruin is in there.

This is your reminder. I am just the messenger, as part of my volunterial duties (I like making up new words, but they never work in the crossword puzzles somehow).

2 p.m. mas o menos, July 23
Chez May (Larry and Roz and their beautiful backyard)
(editor has street address)
Studio City (between Coldwater and Whitsett, just south of the Ventura Freeway)

Roz and Larry will provide hamburgers, turkeyburgers, and corn on the cob (thank you very much)

Suggested contributions include appetizers, green salad, fruit salad, pasta or potato salad, and desserts.

Please call (using smart or dumb phone) Roz/Larry to let them know (tee hee). 818-508-6433. Or bring whatever strikes your fancy. (What exactly is a fancy, and why is striking it a good thing??)."

Write to Roz

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