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Anyone? The 'TEP House'
Rob Prince of the UK asks... Many moons ago, back in the summer of 1970, I stayed at a UCLA fraternity house, known simply as 'the TEP house', near Westwood Village. Those were crazy times, and the house had been opened up as a crash pad, which is how myself and my companion Vin - both of us UK students hitch-hiking around the US - ended up there.

Architecturally, it looked as if it had been designed by Fred Flintstone. We stayed for about a week, until the theft of Vin's passport, money and all his clothes (apart from his denim shorts) obliged us to move on.

I'm curious to know - does the Tep House still exist?
dlipkin - Nov 11, 2008, 7:12 PM
I believe the house you are describing is what Bruins today call the treehouse. It sits along Strathmore Avenue, and is the home to Sigma Alpha Mu, a Jewish fraternity at UCLA. For some reason, links are not allowed, even in the Link box, so just search for treehouse ucla in Google and click the fourth link down. It should be the SAM home page, where you can click Photos and see if that is the place you were thinking of.

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