Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is DBAN an official site?
Answer: No. The site is managed voluntarily by alumni and is not operated by the Daily Bruin or UCLA.
Question: Who may join?
Answer: We welcome all former writers, editors, and those who managed the back room with ad sales and business administration, former members of the Comm Board, etc.
Question: Is there a fee to join?
Answer: No. However, we appreciate your subscription to offset the real cost of maintaining the site, now and into the future.
Question: My name has changed; how should I register?
Answer: If you are married or have otherwise changed your surname, please put your former surname in parentheses after your given name in the first-name field of the form. If you have otherwise changed your name, we recommend registering with the name by which you were known on the DB and putting a brief note into your profile.

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