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Washington Scoring Again
Not the outcome the scattered UCLA fans in the UW stadium — including your intrepid DBAN reporter — wanted in the Oct. 28 contest. Final score 43-24.

Garrigues History Articles Removed
By request of the author we have blocked or removed articles on the history of the DB contributed by George Garrigues.
Bruins over OR State 41-0
UCLA blanked Oregon State 41-0 in aConference game at Corvallis, Ore., on Saturday. UCLA had gone 101 games over eight years without a shutout.

The Bruins outdistanced the Beavers 674 yards to 256 and finished with mostly reserves in the lineup.

The Beavers contributed four turnovers to the Bruin route. Redshirt freshman Nick Mitchell created them all.

The whole story in The LA Times

And the cry of wimp! was heard in the land
We know this is old news (July '15), but it's so absurd as to warrant republication. Is it possible to be so politically correct that one is neither correct nor political?

We were going to suggest that the DB editor's post engendered contempt for the DB, but we fear "engender" may now be a proscribed verb, so we decided to suggest it would lead to contempt, but lead paint is banned in many states, and we did not want to confuse the homophonically challenged, but that distinction contains the two syllables "homo," and we did not want to offend those who don't know the difference between the Latin homo (man/male) and the Greek ομος (same as, diacriticals omitted), etc., etc.

So we concluded the editor should just grow a pair. Unless he/she has/hasn't/needn't, or perhaps all three under special circumstances.

Original Absurdity

UCLA Led US in 2012 College Applications
US News & World Report, well, reports: Of the 10 schools that received the most applications for fall 2012, eight were in California, according to data submitted to U.S. News by 1,242 ranked institutions. University of California—Los Angeles leads the group, just as it did for fall 2011 admissions. It received 72,697 applications from prospective first-time, first-year degree-seeking students.

How's that for late news DB staffers? We'll look into the wonderful world of updates ASAP.
Phil Yaffe '65 Update: The Kaye Miracle
Phil Yaffe, editor in chief of the DB in 1964/5 recently penned this tribute to our colleague, Kaye Hardy.
Examining a Miracle?
I don't really believe in miracles or anything else that could be described as supernatural. Virtually every scientific investigation of such phenomena has found explanations in the real world for what many people would like to believe is other worldly. In fact, for several years one such investigating organization has offered a $1 million prize to anyone who could clearly demonstrate any sort of supernatural power. So far, no one has claimed the money.
Although I don't believe in miracles, I did have an experience early in my life that was so unlikely that I occasionally refer to it as a miracle for want of a better word.


B'ballers Advance, Florida on Tap
The UCLA Bruins downed No. 12 Stephen F. Austin 77 to 60 to advance to the third round of the NCAA basketball tournament today. The Bruins will face Florida in the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday.

The No. 4 UCLA men's basketball team had defeated 13th-seed Tulsa, 76-59 in the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday at Viejas Arena in San Diego, Calif. The Lumberjacks had upset No. 5 VCU, 77-75 on Friday. Real time Sunday, latest first:


Belated Obit, Buddy Epstein
Buddy H. Epstein passed away June 4, 2013, after a wonderful life of 64 years. Anyone who went to Hamilton High or UCLA in the 60s knew Buddy as a brilliant scholar and a prankster of the highest order. High School mascot, UCLA Bruin Sports Editor, UCLA Law School Alumni and well respected business and tax attorney. We will all miss him. Services were held at Hillside on Thursday, June 6.



Gary Knell '76 Heads NPR Network
Gary Knell '78 (correction requested) has been appointed CEO of National Public Radio, where he leads NPR's worldwide media operations, which include partnerships with 900 public radio stations.

Knell oversees the fiscal, operational, and journalistic integrity of NPR and leads the building of the organization and its philanthropic base to support and leverage the strengths of NPR and its extensive network of stations. As a strong advocate of innovation, he is a key driver in leveraging new technologies to advance NPR's core mission and grow audience for all of public media.


Summer DB Alumni Gathering Set
Roz Salzman writes, "Hello out there! In the spirit of the 4th of July, we are symbolically riding through Southern California announcing 'the DB party is coming...the DB party is coming:', and you can't take our guns away from us. Or was it by-lines. Quick, someone change Wikipedia. I'm sure the Daily Bruin is in there.

This is your reminder. I am just the messenger, as part of my volunterial duties (I like making up new words, but they never work in the crossword puzzles somehow).

2 p.m. mas o menos, July 23
Chez May (Larry and Roz and their beautiful backyard)
(editor has street address)
Studio City (between Coldwater and Whitsett, just south of the Ventura Freeway)

Roz and Larry will provide hamburgers, turkeyburgers, and corn on the cob (thank you very much)

Suggested contributions include appetizers, green salad, fruit salad, pasta or potato salad, and desserts.

Please call (using smart or dumb phone) Roz/Larry to let them know (tee hee). 818-508-6433. Or bring whatever strikes your fancy. (What exactly is a fancy, and why is striking it a good thing??)."

Write to Roz

System upgrade enables blogs, personal publishing
DB Alumni News has recently installed a system upgrade that expands our services to members. Each registered user now has a personal home page with several publishing options, including
  • Write Me. Write directly to any member through our messaging center, which does not reveal your outside email address.
  • Post Updates. Succinctly post short announcements, similar to Twitter.
  • Write On! Your personal journal/blog showcases your thoughts and experience for other members.
  • Show Me. Link pictures or movies from any media site.
Many of these features are only available to registered users.

We welcome your suggestions for additional toys and tools.

Rod van Hook, 1948-2009
Rod Van Hook, 61, brother of former DB staffer Perry van Hook and a veteran sports broadcaster for Los Angeles radio stations KFWB, KMPC and KSPN, died of heart failure Saturday November 7 at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, his family said. His obituary appeared in the LA Times Nov. 10.

A Santa Monica resident, he previously had battled pancreatic cancer.

Van Hook had worked as a studio host for National Football League and college football games on Sports USA Radio network from 2007 until earlier this year.

Besides providing sports scores and updates on local radio, he covered major sporting events such as the Rose Bowl, Super Bowl, World Series and other pro and college games.

Born July 31, 1948, in Vermillion, S.D., Van Hook earned his bachelor's degree at UCLA.

He won three Los Angeles Press Club awards over a three-decade career.
No. Cal. Alumni Gather
George Garrigues has informed us of a video showing a recent gathering at Santa Rosa of 50s era DB alumni in Northern California.

Occasionally the embedded video times out and does not load. If this occurs, follow the link below to watch it at YouTube. The link also leads indirectly to several other DB-related videos.

If you have an alumni video to share, please write the editor.

Watch the video

Walter Shatford, 30s Sports Editor
Walter T. Shatford, who was Sports Editor on the Daily Bruin in 1936 (and possibly earlier) died on May 5, 2009. His passing was reported by his daughter, Sara Shatford Layne.

During a long career in law and service to education in his adopted home, Pasadena, In those years, he emerged as a pivotal local figure in the struggle for racial integration and equal access to education.

Shatford operated a successful law practice in Temple City, co-founded with his brother Henry in 1947 after service in WWII.

Follow the link below to an biography in the Pasadena Star News.

Pasadena Star News.

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