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Each year an intrepid few wander into the offices of the UCLA Daily Bruin seeking to express themselves, to explore live journalism and to help connect their fellow students. They write, they edit, they serve, and they forge lasting friendships.

This site is intended to connect the thousands of DB alumni around the world. If you are among them, please click the Join link and participate in the conversation.

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Just to have a modicum of continuity, we suggest that writers follow the AP style manual.

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The site does not exercise prior restraint. All personal posts and comments are attributed to the respective author, who is solely responsible. Spurious posts will be deleted without notice.



You can add to the web log, and if you have longer articles to share, you can submit them to the editor for inclusion in the DB Alumni News and Feature sections. There are no hard and fast rules (much like the Bruin of old).

Membership requests are reviewed before activation, and email addresses are confirmed before posting is enabled. Email addresses are not published on the site or shared with third parties unless you choose to do so. When you register, please include your class year and roles you played at the DB in your personal statement. You will be able to comment on posts immediately; we'll enable posting after you have confirmed your address.

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This unofficial site is not affiliated with the current management of the DB or with ASUCLA or the University. The founder and editor is Rees Clark '65 (or '64 if he hadn't worked on the DB; he had a good time at UCLA and has a transcript to prove it.)

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