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photograph of Kerckhoff Hall at UCLA
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Kerckhoff Hall has been home to the DB since... This is a test; send your answer to the editor.

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• Volunteer associate editor needed. Interested?

News Preview

Washington Scoring Again
Not the outcome the scattered UCLA fans in the UW stadium — including your intrepid DBAN reporter — wanted in the Oct. 28 contest. Final score 43-24.
Garrigues History Articles Removed
By request of the author we have blocked or removed articles on the history of the DB contributed by George Garrigues.
Bruins over OR State 41-0
UCLA blanked Oregon State 41-0 in aConference game at Corvallis, Ore., on Saturday. UCLA had gone 101 games over eight years without a shutout.

The Bruins outdistanced the... Continues...
And the cry of wimp! was heard in the land
We know this is old news (July '15), but it's so absurd as to warrant republication. Is it possible to be so politically correct that one is neither correct nor political?

We... Continues...
UCLA Led US in 2012 College Applications
US News & World Report, well, reports: Of the 10 schools that received the most applications for fall 2012, eight were in California, according to data submitted to U.S. News by... Continues...

Member Updates

Rees Clark 1965 ( 11-Sep-2017 )
New version of website and member tools coming this fall; keep the faith and stay tuned!

Rees Clark 1965 ( 18-Sep-2015 )
Why, yes! I did work on the Bruin, and I have a transcript to prove it!

Rees Clark 1965 ( 18-Jun-2015 )
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has nailed the essence of public comments about Rachel Dolezal, whose self-identification as black while appearing white has caused some people immense and unwarranted consternation. LINK

Rees Clark 1965 ( 10-Apr-2015 )
Noting with interest the emerging changes in the DB, moving toward all-electronic and web-based production with continuation of a print product. Seems like the right balance to me. The DB website links to a description of their plans.

Rees Clark 1965 ( 2-Jan-2014 )
Can't attend the 60s affair in January? Post an update via your profile to bring your DB friends up to date.